Hakot Paninda Mega Cashback (BD)

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Nandito na ang Hakot Paninda promos for the week– JUST FOR YOU!

These promos end on Oct 9, 2022

5% CashbackClover Chips Cheese 24g
5% CashbackNissin Ramen Seafood 55g
5% CashbackDel Monte Tomato Sauce 200g
5% CashbackEden Cheese 160g
5% CashbackFemme Bathroom Tissue 300's 2 Ply 12rolls
5% CashbackTisyu Bathroom Tissue Coreless Twin 2 Ply 2rolls
5% CashbackColgate Extra Soft Kids Toothbrush 1pc
5% CashbackCharmee Pantyliner Go Girl 20pcs
5% CashbackHappy Diaper Pants Medium 24pcs
5% CashbackHappy Diaper Taped Large 30pcs
5% CashbackNESTLE Coffee-mate 60g
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